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Specifications for Contestable Claim Investigation

The proposed output of the job can be illustrated as follows:

Data Block: Standard Smoker Male Simplified Issue - Duration 1

  Number   Amount
Exposed        22,424     1,453,352
Actual Deaths        34        1,559
Results:   2 Suicide Claims Paid at 1%
  10 Compromised Claims Paid at 13%
   22 Claims Paid in Full
  34  Total







Recissionable Content in Exposed:            29%

Mortality Ratio for Recissionable Group:  501% of 75-80 Basic Male Select.

The results arise from computer analysis of the blocks and are subject to reasonability checks.

We expect to do these runs for numerous available blocks (Medical, Nonmedical, Paramedical and Simplified). Blocks will be subdivided by Sex and Smoking Status. Blocks will normally all be in the first 2 duration contestability period.

We will have a summary, which will show how contestibility varies.


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