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The exhibit Here relating to health expectancy is a sample. A functional, self-extracting download is available to those who wish to use the concept in a web-based setting.

Health Expectancy will be used as an integral part of services offered by personal actuaries.
The program illustrates the true impact of accurate expectancy - life and health.


A couple nearing retirement wishes to purchase long term care coverage. One is a smoker, the other a former smoker, each with attendant impairments. Health Expectancy illustrates that they will experience a long life with increasing needs for care.  The personal actuary advises that a comprehensive lifetime benefit, as opposed to a 3 year coverage limit, is the best purchase option - in spite of the substantial premium difference.

The couple trust the personal actuary.  They may not know what actuaries do, but they highly value the opinion of their personal actuary.

See Jim Brook's article on Health Expectancy from the Actuary of the Future newsletter.

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Description of  Health Expectancy Download

This is an actuarial service based on known historical results. It is customized for the circumstances of an individual, as provided. However, it is not, and is not intended to be, a medical prognosis for the individual. The three stages shown are a norm. In reality, people move into and out of the Healthy, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care categories. Recovery from Skilled Nursing to Assisted Living appears common, for example. Consequently, the period shown for each category can be spread over the entire life expectancy.

The activities of daily living are Bathing      Dressing          Toilet Use       Transferring From Bed to Chair        Continence

Needs assisted living means inability to perform two or more of these or Alzheimer’s Disease.
Make an impairment  selection in the drop down box.      Options are:

None          Stroke           Respiratory          Nervous and Psychotic          Circulatory          Arthritis and Bone

Benign Neoplasms         Genito-Urinary              Accident              Cancer            Alcohol Misuse           Manual Entry



Sample Health Expectancy Display


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