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Bragg Associates Health Expectancy

Name:          Table Used: 2002 Bragg Life Table Smoker Male
Current Age:     For a Person Aged 55
Sex:  Who is a Male Smoker

Smoking Status:  

Who's impairment is:      NONE

The Expected Years to be Healthy are:


If you wish to do another calculation

Years with Assisted Living Expected are:


with the Bragg Health Expectancy system,       

Years in Skilled Nursing Expected are: 2.4
enter new information and press Life Expectancy is 23.8 Years
Recalculate once selections are complete. You have a 50% probability of living beyond age:   79
  The percent of people healthy at that age is: 61%
**Private Label** Probability of being well after 1 year: 81%
**Personalized Content** Probability of being well after 2 years: 79%
**Impact of Changing Smoke or Impairment Type** Probability of being well after 5 years: 72%
**Flexible Thresholds-Healthy to Assisted to Skilled** Probability of being well after 10 years: 58%
  Probability of being well after 15 years: 49%
  Probability of being well after 20 years:  39%




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