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      Mortality System
        Complete Actuarial System - Based on 25 Years of Mortality Research and Data Analysis - Acknowledged Expertise

  • Fundamental Meaning of Life Expectancy
  • Accurate Underlying Basic Mortality
  • Bragg Mortality Ratio System
  • Multiple Impairments
  • Mortality Ratio Variations
  • “Expected Death” Streams
  • Socio-Economic Adjustments
  • Special Needs for Annuity Writers
  • Pricing/Reserving/Product Development/Underwriting/Risk Management.

    Our seminar covers all the material above and much more. See a sample agenda at the link here:

    One Day Seminar on Older Age Mortality, Underwriting, and Product Pricing
    Bring  your group to Atlanta, or we will come to you. Jack Bragg will conduct a full day seminar.


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