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Agenda Items for Bragg Associates Actuaries Mortality Seminar

  • Appropriateness of 2002 Bragg Life Tables:

    Description of Data Block.
    Fit of Data at Older Ages and High Durations.
  • Comparisons with Other Tables:

    2001 VBT.
    Annuity 2000.
    RP 2000 Healthy Annuitant.
    RP 2000 Blended with Collar Adjustment.
  • Actuarial Approach to Life Settlements and Charitable Giving:

    Range of Mortality Variations.
    Mortality Ratio Database by Impairment.
    Software to Perform Life Evaluations.

  • Life Settlement Examples:

    Health Expectancy.
    Probability of Death by End of Year x.
    Premium/Benefit Comparison.

  • Guides to Underwriting:

    Special Considerations at 75 and Over with Amount > $500,000.
    Evidence of Insurability.
    Standard Risks.
    Substandard Risks.
    Changing Health.

  • Bragg Associates Raw Data at 70 and Up – Preferred

  • Projection Scales – Annual Decrease - Male and Female
  • Bragg Immediate Annuity Tables – Preferred – 2002 Static
  • Single Premium Immediate Annuity Rates:

    Net Single Premiums per $1 – Annuity 2000.
    Net Single Premiums per $1 – Bragg Immediate Annuity Table, Preferred. 2002 Static
    Net Single Premiums per $1 - 2005 Issues - Fully Projected
  • Comparison of Mortality for Various Markets:

BIAT 2002 Preferred.
Other Individual Annuities
Super-Preferred Life Insurance – Nonsmoking Ultimate.
Standard Life Insurance – Nonsmoking Ultimate.
Standard Life Insurance – Smoking Ultimate.
Group Annuity – White Collar.
Group Annuity – Blue Collar.
Group Annuity – Total.

  • Large Single Premium Immediate Annuities at Older Ages:

        “Reverse Underwriting”

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