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2002 Bragg Life Tables

All data used for construction of the 2002 Bragg Life Tables relate to Standard Ordinary business.
Select data were submitted by 15 companies and covered the period 1995 1999.
The companies are listed below. Not all companies submitted data for each of the 5 years,
and there was considerable addition of new reporting companies during the period.

All select data are subdivided by sex and smoking status.

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Table Of Contents

Policy Regarding Use Of Tables  
Description Of Data  
Study Of Select Periods  
Methods Of Construction  
Closeness Of Fit  
Relative Mortality Of Various Tobacco  
User/Nonuser Categories  
Comparison With 1997 Bragg Life Tables  
Mortality Trends  
Percentage Who Smoke  
Approximate Transformation Factors For Mortality Rates  
Summary And Conclusions  
1995 1999 Select Data Block (15 Companies)  
Exhibit 1: Closeness Of Fit By Issue Age  
Exhibit 2: Closeness Of Fit By Duration  
Exhibit 3: Sample Ratios R Of Smoker To Nonsmoker Mortality  
Exhibit 4: Impact Of Aids  
Exhibit 5: Ratio Of 2002 BLT To 1997 BLT (Male)  
Exhibit 6: Ratio Of 2002 BLT To 1997 BLT (Female)  
2002 Bragg Life Tables  
Appendix A: Data Contributing Companies  
Appendix B: Method Of Constructing Age Last Birthday Values  


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Data Contributing Companies

Aid Association for Lutherans  
Allstate Life Insurance Company  
Crown Life Insurance Company  
Farmers New World Life Insurance Company  
Golden Rule Life Insurance Company  
Guardian Life Insurance Company  
Indianapolis Life Insurance Company  
Jackson National Life Insurance Company  
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company  
Kansas City Life Insurance Company.  
New York Life Insurance Company  
Standard of Oregon  
United 0f Omaha  
USAA Life Insurance Company  
Western Reserve Life Insurance Company  


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