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2002 Bragg Report On Guaranteed Issue/Simplified Issue For All Lines 

Separately Analyzes "Preferred Managerial" Versus "Other Employee" Mortality.
Studies all Forms from True Group to Individual Non-Underwritten.
Controls for Sound Handling of These Types of Business.

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Table of Contents
Policy Regarding Use Of Tables And Reports
Sources of Data
Description of Main Data
Main Displays: All Business
Preferred, Managerial, or Large Amount > $250,000
Standard or Other Employees  
Preferred and Standard Combined
Overall Comments
Method of Construction of Main Displays
Transformation Factor Research
Table I Transformation Factors
Projection Of Mortality
Loss Of Select Status
Socio-Economic And Other Explanations of Mortality Differences
Socio-Economic Data from Tokyo Paper:  Actively-At-Work And Participation Rules Fully Leveraged Coli
Term Conversions

Detailed Discussions:
Group Life Insurance W
orksite Business Non-Medical Business Simplified Issue
Non Underwritten Business (Other Than Fully Leveraged Coli)  
Insurability Option
Group Conversions
Injured Worker Mortality
Inner City Mortality MDO
Inner City Mortality Table (1995 Bragg)
Graded Benefit Life Insurance
Pre-Need Life Insurance
Guaranteed Death Benefits in Deferred Annuity Plans
Other Situations Where Neither Anti-Selection Nor Selection Exists

Detailed White-Green Sheet Runs by Issue Age And Duration For:

Bragg Non-Medical Data
Bragg Simplified Data
Bragg Non-Underwritten Data

Summary and Conclusions

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